Types of frame marquees

Frame marquees - also known as clear span marquees - are very flexible. On this page, we illustrate some of the different ways they can be used.

Event marquees

Large frame structures with no centre poles or ropes.

Features of event marquees:

Large clear span marquee Large frame marquee
  • Wide: wider than our standard frame structures, event marquees accomodate large numbers in a single clear uninterrupted span.
  • More than 800 people: they seat more than 600 people or 800+ standing so are ideal for conferences, presentations, prize givings and the like.
  • Flexible: combine these larger marquees with other sizes of marquee for flexible space planning e.g. separate areas for exhibitions, displays and presentations.
  • Large parties: event marquees are also suitable for larger weddings and parties.
  • Safety: made from flame-retardant PVC manufactured to the latest BSI standards.
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Small marquees

Decorated small marquee

Small can be stylish
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Small marquee

4m wide marquee tucked neatly into a small urban garden

Small frame structures or clear span marquees with no centre poles or ropes.

Features of small marquees:

  • Good for small gardens: narrower than our standard marquees at only 4m (14') wide, our small marquees are also taller creating a spacious feel for a narrower venue.
  • Safety: made from flame-retardant PVC manufactured to the latest BSI standards.
  • View a case study of a small 4m marquee in an awkward London garden. Or click on the upper photo right to see a beautifully decorated small marquee in a small London garden
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House extensions, walkways and porches

Because they need no pegs or guy ropes, framed structures can easily butt up against the side of a building to serve as an extension to a house.

Similarly, they can serve as an entrance porch to a marquee; or as a walkway between marquees, or between marquees and a building.

The lower photo alongside shows a walkway connecting two large marquees across different levels of a garden.

Catering tents

Catering tent

Various sizes of catering tents can be easily set up next to a main marquee.

In the photo alongside, the tent on the left is a catering tent, adjoining the large main marquee on the right.

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