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University Ball Marquee

Laying out marquees

Marking out the space for a marquee. The frame of the second large marquee is in the background

View from partially erected marquee

Partially erected marquee with unlined roof and legs

Sugababes playing in ball marquee

Sugababes playing on the larger stage

Chinese hat marquee serving as a bar

Chinese hat marquee serving as a bar

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Lights strung up outside

Festoon lighting strung up outside one of the marquees

Sitting down outside a marquee

Socializing outside an open sided illuminated marquee

Playing roulette

Gambling inside one of the main marquee.

Marquee stage with lighting

Performance stage with dance floor inside an unlined marquee

The occasion was an university summer ball.

The venue was... perfect! Sweeping flat lawns. The ideal venue.

The challenge was to provide two stages, areas for dancing, eating, relaxation and a bar. Outer seating was also required.

You can read another case study of a university ball with marquees here.

Please contact us if you would like to find out about creating a ball inside a marquee.