Social distancing for Pubs and Bars

For pubs and bars, adaptable frame marquees can provide extra space, well ventilated drinking and dining areas that are protected from the elements. County Marquees has supplied temporary tents that serve as nicely furnished restaurants as well as plainer structures large and small that make outdoor drinking possible.

Below are examples of some of the temporary structures County Marquees has installed to accomodate safer Covid-19 hospitality in pubs and bars.

Contact us if you would like to find out more about a marquee to enable social distancing in pubs.

Drinking and dining marquee on an outdoor terrace:

Frame tent on an outdoor terrace

A frame tent slots neatly onto a pub's outdoor terrace

Socially distanced restaurant inside a frame tent

Inside, the marquee hosts a pretty, socially distanced restaurant

Socially distanced bar:

A marquee provides cover in a bar garden at a golf course

An open sided marquee provides cover in a bar garden at a golf course, enabling guests to drink even in the rain

Looking back at the bar's tent cover

Open to the elements, the tent allows air to circulate freely

Simple rain cover:

Pointy topped Chinese hat tents outside a pub

Pointy topped Chinese hat tents provide well ventilated rain cover

Customers congregating outside the White Horse pub

Customers congregate outside