Can I have a marquee wedding in 2021?

We wish we could just say yes. Unfortunately it's not as simple as that.

The government's road map says:

  • From 12th April: weddings and events of up to 15 in licensed venues
  • From 17th May: weddings and events of up to 30 in licensed premises and – this is new – in private gardens!
  • From 21st June: No restrictions was the promise. We are awaiting further guidance

Of course following the roadmap is dependent on hospital numbers and deaths going down; and the vaccination programme continuing to roll out succesfully; and low infection rates; and no difficult variants emerging.

So although the prospects for weddings are much more encouraging than they were, it's not a done deal yet.

It may also be sensible to consider the limits on foreign travel for overseas friends and family. And to consider that some people may not feel confident about attending a closely packed wedding.

Socially distanced wedding marquees are still an option. Below are two examples for small events that were permitted at the time.

Or if your circumstances suit an all out dream wedding this summer, browse the gorgeous examples in our wedding gallery.

Contact us if you would like to find out more about wedding marquees.

Socially distanced weddings:

Socially distanced wedding marquee

Our first wedding of 2021 – a pretty, legal and safe transparent tent for 15 people in the beautiful grounds of Oakley Court Windsor

Looking glamorous at night

Looking glamorous at night

Socially distanced wedding marquee

This wedding from last summer used a very spacious marquee for its 30 guests.

Fresh and pretty socially distanced wedding marquee

Fresh and pretty from the outside.