Marquee Weddings & Parties – What Now?

From the 21st June, the rules governing weddings and marquee weddings will be relaxed. Numbers of people attending weddings are no longer limited to 30. You can have as many people as can be safely accommodated in a venue or space with social distancing and other Covid safe measures in place.

So that means what exactly? Well, it's a little bit complicated and a little bit confusing. These are the rules for marquee weddings as we understand them:

  • Half open: in order to count as outside, marquees need to be 50% open
  • One metre apart: guests, staff and all wedding attendees need to be able to be one metre apart. This is not a legal requirement but a risk assessment needs to show that this is possible for the numbers attending
  • Risk assessment required: A venue will do this for you. If you are celebrating at home, you will need to create your own showing that the numbers attending can be 1m apart, and showing how the other rules will be adhered to. You do not need to hand in the risk assesment
  • No masks: in an outdoor marquee (i.e. half open), masks are not required. Indoors, including in an indoor (closed) marquee, masks should be worn except for when eating
  • No dance floors: dance floors are banned although the wedding couple can have a first dance and dancing is not illegal
  • Eating at tables only with table service: Food and drink can only be consumed sitting down at a table, and it must be served to the table. If no alcohol is being consumed, guests can order at a counter. Food vans are allowed but the rules on table service and eating at tables must still be followed
  • Hand sanitiser provided: Hand sanitiser should be freely available and its use encouraged.

You can read the full, very long, government guidance on wedding and civil partnership ceremonies, receptions and celebrations here.

For wedding ideas, browse the gorgeous examples in our wedding gallery, though most would have to be modified to accomodate social distancing rules.

What about parties?

The rules on parties have not been relaxed and only 30 people can attend, not including paid staff. The relaxing of restrictions that the government had promised for June 21st has been delayed until July 19th. Variants allowing, bigger parties of all kinds should be allowed then.

For parties for the time being, see the two examples below of marquees for socially distanced events that County Marquees put up over the last year.

Socially distanced marquee events:

Socially distanced wedding marquee

Our first wedding of 2021 – a pretty, legal and safe transparent tent for 15 people in the beautiful grounds of Oakley Court Windsor

Looking glamorous at night

Looking glamorous at dusk

Socially distanced wedding marquee

This wedding from last summer used a very spacious marquee for its 30 guests.

Fresh and pretty socially distanced wedding marquee

Fresh and pretty from the outside.