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Natural Themed Wedding

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Marquee plan

The plan drawn up on our planner shows how the marquee will be divided by a reveal screen into a dining section and an initially hidden dancing section.

Natural themed marquee

A natural themed marquee with bunting and herb themed table decoration

Herb themed table dressing

The thyme table, with pots of the herb and place names made from tree sections

Marquee exterior

Continuing with the natural theme, the wedding featured relaxed outdoor eating with hay bales and a small catering tent

Outdoor marquee event

Food served outdoors from a small catering tent decorated with bunting

Bride and groom on the wedding cake

Cute bride and groom figures on the wedding cake

Band playing in blacked out marquee section

Later on, a band played in a blacked out section of the marquee with a night sky. This section was hidden with a reveal earlier to create a surprise

Portable toilets

Luxury portable toilets. The marquee was in a field so needed both toilets and a generator.

The occasion was a wedding reception in Godalming, Surrey.

The event: a 9m (30') by 18m (70') frame marquee and a small catering tent decorated with bunting.

The interesting feature of this wedding marquee was the natural themed decoration. Tables were named after different herbs, and pots of each herb served as a centerpiece. The place names were slices of small branches! The natural theme continued outside with a relaxed outdoor layout: hay bale seating, a caravan and an informal small catering tent serving barbecued food.

The marquee also featured a reveal. Sectioning off marquees and hiding one or more sections is an increasing popular choice. For this wedding, a funky blacked out section with night sky was concealed during the wedding breakfast. The curtain was lifted to reveal the bride and groom in place on the dance floor ready for their first dance.

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