Examples of Marquee Prices

The following example quotes give likely costs for three typical marquee events. We hope they provide useful guidelines.

For individual advice, please contact us. Or request your own free personalised quote.

An informal party for 60 guests:
20' x 40' marquee, fully lined in ivory£790.00
Coconut matting with underlay£185.00
Lighting (candelabra with dimmers)£170.00
60 bistro chairs£90.00
6 5' round tables£36.00
3 trestle tables£18.00
1 cake table£5.00
Damage waiver @ 5%£67.20
Wedding reception, 120 guests, all seated:
40' x 60' marquee fully lined in ivory£1725.00
Coconut matting with underlay£365.00
Lighting (candelabra with dimmers)£365.00
20' x 20' wooden dance floor£280.00
120 Limewashed Chiavari chairs£390.00
12 5' round tables£72.00
6 trestle tables£36.00
1 cake table£5.00
20' x 10' catering tent (matted and lit)£225.00
3 Windows - Panoramic or Georgian style£60.00
Damage waiver @ 5%£178.65
Corporate Party, 300 guests, all seated
40' x 120' Marquee fully lined in Pleated ivory£3135.00
Interlocking Wooden Floor and carpet - colour to be chosen£3360.00
Lighting (Parcans on Truss and uplighters with gels)£750.00
40' of Starlight ceiling with black overlay walls£800.00
Fuschia swag £100.00
30 5' round tables£180.00
15 trestle tables£90.00
20' x 30' Wooden dance floor£420.00
300 Limewashed Chiavari chairs£975.00
20'x 30' Catering tent (matted and lit)£625.00
Heating indirect x 4£600.00
Damage waiver @ 5%£551.75