Marquee Furniture

Marquee furniture and equipment available from County Marquees includes:

Assorted marquee furniture

In the photo from top: trestle tables & limewashed chiavari chairs, clear wall & roof panels, vintage bar, vintage trestle tables, limewashed chiavari chairs, chair covers & bows, sofas & low tables, poseur tables & matching chairs, folding wooden chairs, poseur tables, sofas & soft cube seating

  • Round tables - 3', 4', 5', 5'6", 6'
  • Trestle table - 6' x 2'3", 6' x 3'
  • Vintage style trestle in rich, dark wood - 6' x 3'
  • Low tables
  • Wooden folding chairs
  • Limewashed chiavari chairs in a range of colours
  • Poseur tables, café tables
  • Banqueting chairs in gilt or other colours
  • Mix and match boho chairs
  • Plastic bistro chairs
  • Dance floors - wooden, parquet, black & white and white starlight
  • Soft cube seating
  • Sofas
  • Bar units in different styles
  • Stage units
  • Coat rails
  • Picket fencing
  • Georgian windows
  • Clear panoramic window panels
  • Clear roof panels
  • Hard doors
  • Heaters
  • Generators
  • Portable toilets

For a more extensive list, including pricing, please see our price lists for furniture and equipment.

Other furniture and equipment can easily be sourced if required.

To see more photo examples of County Marquees' furniture, see this marquee furniture album on Pinterest.


Boho furniture:

Mix and match marquee furniture

Mismatched chairs and tables for an informal vintage look are a recent addition to our furniture range.

The photo alongside shows a selection of the boho mismatched furniture we stock, but we have many more!

Dance floors:

Black and white dance floor White starlight dance floor
  • Wooden dance floors - interlocking oak plywood. Standard dance floors, cover large areas easily. See this photo or this photo or this photo for examples.
  • Parquet dance floors - the classic look. See this photo for a slightly covered up example.
  • Black and white dance floors - shown to the right. Fashionable and striking, ideal when an event calls for extra oomph, particularly with lighting effects. See this photo for a stunning example. These dance floors also work well in retro themed marquees.
  • White starlight dance floors - shown in the lower photo. Very popular recently. They look both pretty and exciting so are an ideal dance floor for a wedding reception.


Marquee with coconut matting Marquee with blue carpet
  • Coconut matting: This simple, stylish floor covering (illustrated alongside) is suitable for informal summer events.
  • Hard floor: Made out of interlocking plywood panels, hard flooring is often covered by carpet. It is perfect for formal events, and for winter parties, when protection against waterlogged ground may be necessary.
  • Carpet: contract carpet in a wide range of colours is typically used to cover hard floors, but can overlay matting as well for a more formal style. The lower photo shows blue carpet under the tables to the rear (and a wooden dance floor in the foreground). This photo of an Asian wedding shows popular champagne coloured carpet.

Portable toilets:

Luxury portable toilets

Our luxury portable toilets are spacious and well equipped, providing elegant facilities for all kinds of events. Interiors are tastefully decorated, with cream walls and floors, inset lighting, and wood and chrome fittings.

Furniture planning:

County Marquees is happy to assist with planning the style and the layout of furniture.

For many events, our standard furniture range is sufficient to create the right atmosphere — banqueting chairs with round tables for formal functions, limewashed chiavari or bistro chairs with long trestle tables for more casual parties and so on.

But County Marquees is also happy to source other furniture when necessary. Please contact us with any special requirements.

And please don't hesitate to contact us for more advice.