Marquee Lighting

Good lighting can create some of the most beautiful and dramatic effects inside marquees.

Lighting equipment

Lighting equipment available from County Marquees includes:

Marquee lighting equipment

In the photo, from top left: night sky with lighting bar, fairy light canopy, uplighter, parcan, hanging paper lanterns, Eastern style lamps, chandelier

  • Candelabra — for general lighting
  • Uplighters — for general lighting
  • Parcans — powerful lighting, that can also color large areas
  • Pinspots — to highlight small areas, for example, table displays
  • LED uplighters — cast changing coloured light, can respond to sound and music
  • Lighting bars — for putting schemes into effect
  • Night skies (also known as starlight cloth) — ever popular
  • Festoon lighting
  • Fairy lighting
  • Exterior floodlighting
  • Hanging lanterns
  • Moroccan lanterns in different styles
  • Contemporary-style black lanterns
  • Decorative chandeliers

For prices, see our furniture price lists.

Lighting schemes

Details of our lighting equipment cannot do justice to the magical effect of a well-planned lighting scheme.

Like flowers, lighting can set the tone for a whole event event - dramatic, welcoming, surprising...

And don't forget marquee exteriors or their surroundings. In the right space, they can also be illuminated to create a stunning first impression on guests.

Careful control of lighting can also be very functional, focusing attention on stage speakers at more formal events, for example.

See the lighting examples in our gallery of marquee photos for more marquee lighting ideas. This case study also shows off some exciting marquee lighting.

And please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas.