Stretch tents

Stretch tents are made from a flexible, strong, waterproof stretchy fabric and can to be rigged in a variety of different shapes. Stretch tents are versatile in design and provide a stylish modern alternative to the traditional marquee.

Features of stretch tents

The interior of a stretch tent

Stetch tent party

Stretch tent covering a playground

Garden stretch tent

  • Installed on any surface: including sand, gravel and concrete. Stretch tents can be secured by two different methods – rigged to buildings or trees, or attached to the ground by anchors, ballasts or pegs.

    This means they can often be installed on more difficult terrain including on slopes and stairs.
  • Size: our stretch tents are 10m (33 feet) x 15m (50 feet).
  • Capacity: for a seated event with tables and dance floor, the maximum capacity is 100 guests. For a standing event, capacity is 150 guests.

Flexible use of space

Stretch tent open sided canopy

Open sided canopy

Stretch tent with one side down

One side down

Stretch tent with three sides down

Three sides down

  • Adaptable: Because the shape of stretch marquees can alter, they can slip under overhanging shurubs and trees offering a more flexible alternative in town gardens borders.

    The flexible shape also means you can adapt the tent to your party design.
  • Suitable for all weather: in warm weather, stretch tents can be assembled as an open sided canopy. In poor weather, all four sides of the tent come down to create an intimate and protected space.

    Stretch tents can withstand winds of up to 50mph, snow and hail, and are fully waterproof.

Additional information

Stretch tent from the back

From behind

  • Extras: tables, chairs, lighting and flooring of various kinds are available. Stretch tents cannot be lined however. Please see our furniture, lighting and decoration pages for more information.
  • Events: Stretch tents are well suited for weddings and parties. They also provide a stylish venue for a concert, festival or corporate event.
  • Safety: our stretch tents are fire resistant and fully comply with fire safety regulations.

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