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Summer Ball Marquee

Aerial view of the large main marquee

Aerial view of the main large 15m x 21m frame marquee

Inside the dancing marquee

Dancing inside the packed main marquee with exciting lighting

Quiet marquee

The quiet marquee, music and drinks and a starcloth lining for some oomph

Milling around in the quad

Milling around in the quad in front of the main large marquee

Freddy Mercury and Queen tribute band

A charismatic Freddy Mercury and Brian May (behind the pole) from the Queen tribute band

An unusual exit

An unusual means of escape from the noise of the large marquee

Chinese hat bar at entrance

A chinese hat marquee bar at an entrance creates a pretty spectacle.

Marquee bar

Quite a few bars were needed, which explains the large number of small marquees

Entertainment marquee with video games

Small marquees were also used for entertainment and later on...

Chilling by a small marquee

... as a focus for relaxing away from all the bustle

The occasion was a summer ball at a Cambridge University college.

The challenge was to set up multiple marquees for various functions (dancing, performance, bars...), while at the same time:

  • taking account of different stakeholders, each with their own plans for using the space
  • Making a minimal impact on college life
  • Set up just before, and take down and collect soon after the event to enable a reception to take place in the space

The solution: Lots of flexible frame marquees of various sizes: 15m x 21m, 9m x 12m, three 3m x 6m and four 3m x 3m. Also a 3m x 3m Chinese Hat marquee. All were set up speedily and silently and to the tight timetable the college needed. Here is some feedback to that effect from the President of the Ball Committee:

“The marquees ... looked good ... and were erected incredibly quickly and efficiently with no disturbance to college life. ... As a committee we also strongly believe that County Marquees must be one of the best value for money companies out there because we had such a tight budget but managed to get everything we wanted in the end!”

You can read more of the comittee's feedback on our testimonials page.

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