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50th Birthday Party Marquee

Eight foot wide steps

The legs of the marquee needed to drop right down on either side of the eight foot wide steps.

Pillars on either side of the steps

The large pillars on either side of the steps also had to be accommodated.

Flexible framed marquee

The marquee bowed slightly in the middle, where the wide steps called for deep leg drops. Frame marquees can accommodate some bowing.

Garden showing through open walls of the marquee

Looking out to the garden before the birthday party. Later, for the party, green parcan lighting illuminated the garden's charm against the darkness.

Inside the birthday party marquee

Pink parcan lighting lent a rosy glow. Sadly the photos don't do justice to the finished magical effect of the parcans combined with 100 tea lights twinkling round the steps & through the marquee and greenery.

Happy 50th birthday

Can this really be a 50th birthday party? She only looks 40! A faint impression of the final magical effect can be glimpsed behind.

The occasion was a 50th birthday party for 100 people.

The venue was a medium sized London garden with a narrow low lying patio with wide steps up to an irregular terrace and a steeply-sloping lawn.

The challenge was to erect a marquee structure that abutted the house and gave protection from the elements whilst at the same time setting off the charms of the different levels of the terraces and the sloping garden behind. The marquee was to serve as a chill-out and dancing area, with food being served inside the house.

County Marquees' solution was an L-shaped marquee covering the patio and climbing up the steps to the terrace with the help of different lengths of legs to support the marquee.

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