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Luxury Wedding Tent

Bride and groom enter their reception marquee

Bride and groom enter their marquee to join guests seated under a pretty fairy light canopy

Wedding tent covered with transparent roof and opaque roof with fairy lights

The tent featured three different sections. In this photo, guests mill under a central transparent roof. The dining section with an opaque roof and fairy light canopy is behind.

Dancing under a starlight ceiling

Bride and groom smooch, up at the other end of the marquee. This was blacked out with a starlight ceiling for an atmospheric dancing area

Luxury wedding tent before decoration with three different sections

The marquee before decoration, showing the three different sections

Bride and groom approach their wedding party via an extra-long walkway

Bride and groom approach their wedding party via an extra-long walkway, decorated with fairy lights

Client's gazebo as a bar

In the dark, the long illuminated walkway makes a very pretty spectacle

Simple elegant table decor

With such an opulent marquee, simple elegant table decor worked well

Hats strung up along a marquee wall

Strung up hats were an unusual decorative feature

The occasion was a wedding reception in Buckinghamshire.

The event: a large, long frame marquee. The tent featured three very different sections to demarcate the different parts of the evening: an opaque roof and a fairy light canopy up one end with round tables for dining; in the middle, a transparent roof covered the space for general milling about; and up the other end, a blacked out section with a glittery night sky topped a dance floor.The marquee also featured an unusually long walkway, prettily illuminated with fairy lights.

With such a luxurious marquee, interior decoration only needed to be simple and elegant.

Photos courtesy of Tom and Lizzie Redman

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