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Unique Marquee with Quirky Details

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Luxury marquee with colourful details

A luxury marquee, all in shades of white with colourful accent details
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Dining area

One of the dining areas of the main marquee. The other was on the other side of the dance floor

Top table and white starlit dance flooor

The top table and white starlight dance floor, positioned centrally between two dining areas

Quirky colourful wedding cake

Unique colourful wedding cake and prettily decorated top table

Branches table centrepiece

Unusual table centrepiece with twisted branches

Tall elegant table centrepiece with roses

Elegant tall colourful centrepiece with roses

Prettily decorated top table

Prettily decorated top table

T-shaped marquee layout

T-shaped marquee set up with a chinese hat marquee as entrance porch

Entrance area in the top bar of the T

Entrance area in the top bar of the T, split from the main marquee with a reveal

Fruit display

Mouthwatering fruit display

The occasion was a large wedding reception in Bramley, Surrey

The challenge was a common one — to create a friendly workable layout for a large wedding reception with dining, dancing and lots of seated guests

The solution: two frame structures set up in an T shape — a 12m x 36m (40' x 120') reception marquee for dining and dancing (the bar across the T), and the second 9m x 18m (30' x 60') smaller marquee for receiving guests early on and for serving food and then for chilling out later.

The reception marquee featured two dining areas, each with 16 tables, on either side of a top table and white starlit dance floor. This layout stops guests at the back from feeling left out. Also, guests could enter the dining marquee comfortably into the open central area. This is a practical way of laying out a large marquee event with lots of guests. A chinese hat marquee served as an entrance porch.

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