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Eighteenth Birthday Party Marquee

Marquee plan

Plan of the marquees for the party, created with our planner

Last minute adjustments

Last minute adjustments to the table decoration

Entrance porch marquee

A small marquee served as the entrance porch to the main party tent. The bar was also situated here

Looking into the party tent

Looking into the party tent from the entrance porch

Dining in a 18th birthday party marquee

Dining in the main marquee. The green glow of the illuminated garden shows through clear panoramic windows on the right

Festive atmosphere

Starcloth lining and colour wash lighting created a festive atmosphere

Eating inside the grown ups marquee

Eating in the separate grown ups marquee

Eighteenth birthday marquee spanning two levels

The main marquee spanned two levels of the garden and a wall and steps. Eating took place on the upper level, dancing on the lower

Spangly decoration

Spangly decoration in amongst the flowers on the dividing wall

Dance floor

A black and white dance floor, laser lighting and moving shape lights set the mood

Dancing in full flow

Dancing in full flow

Vividly lit entrance passageway

The event also featured a vividly lit entrance passage, inspired by an entrance walkway created for a previous event

The occasion: was an 18th birthday party.

The venue: was a largeish irregular garden on two levels with a wall and steps separating the levels

The challenge:: To create a lively party space incorporating dining and dancing for the teenagers and a smaller space for grown ups that was separate but still part of the main set up.

The solution: A 9m (30') x 21m (70') frame marquee that spanned the steps and levels of the garden. Eating took place on the upper level, dancing on the lower. An entrance porch marquee added interest. A second 4m (14') x 6m (20') frame marquee was set at right angles to the party tent with clear panoramic windows all along the front for a full view of the action.

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