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Marquee with Hanging Flowers

Wedding marquee looking pretty with sprigs of flowers in bottles

Wedding marquee decorated with informal sprigs of flowers hanging on the walls.

Flower sprigs in simple glass bottles hanging on a wire attached to the marquee frame

How the look was achieved: flower sprigs in simple glass bottles hanging on a wire from the marquee frame

Vintage items with flowers

Floral displays around the marque echoed the wall flowers, here in a vintage style collections of items

Flowers on dining tables also matched up

Table flowers also matched the wall flowers. Simple glass jars were used to contain them, maintaining the informal feel

Vintage style wedding entrance, with signpost and watering cans

Vintage style entrance to the wedding

Exterior view of the marquee

The marquee


Informal table plan in more flowers – bowls of pink tulips this time

Wedding marquee with guests seated at tables

The wedding marquee in action

Making a speech with festoon lighting on the marquee roof behind

Speechifying, with festoon lighting behind

Area around the marquee lit with bright colours at night

All lit up at night

The occasion was a spring wedding reception in Saltdean, just along the coast from Brighton, East Sussex.

The marquee: a 9m (30') x 15m (50') frame marquee with sprigs of informal flowers in simple glass bottles hanging along the marquee walls. The bottles were suspended by wires attached to the marquee frame and hidden by fabric swags along the join between the marquee roof and sides.

The marquee also featured vintage items — an old painted desk, large laundry baskets — for a relaxed and informal feel.

All the good photos courtesy of Adrian Harvey Photography.

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