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Awkward Garden Marquee

Inside the marquee

Levelling off the sides of the garden allowed 100 guests to sit in a small area - the final effect was cosy but not cramped.
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Doing the conga

With the children's tables removed, there was plenty of room for a celebratory conga.


Tables were sufficiently spread out to allow guests room to breathe - and toast!

Lighting alongside plants

Flowerbeds inside the marquee allowed lights to be placed amongst plants, attractively illuminating the flowers and softening the effect of the lights themselves.


Dancing in the shadow of greenery.

In the L-shape of the marquee extension

An L-shaped extension to the marquee accomodated an extra table

The occasion: a barmitzvah party for 100 people.

The venue: a small to medium sized London garden with sloping flower beds all around.

The challenge: to accomodate 100 guests all sitting at tables within the space, and to allow for dancing.

County Marquees' solution: level the sloping edges of the garden so a marquee could be built around the flower beds. The marquee could then take advantage of every bit of available space. An L-shaped extension into the garden's patio area allowed another table to be accomodated. Children's tables were placed on top of a dance floor and removed when dancing started.

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Contact us if you have an awkward garden and would like to find out about marquee options. But please note: altering the surface of the garden in this way is extra work and does incur extra cost.