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Pretty Marquee with Open Sides

Pond in marquee

The marquee had to include a pond. But the ornamental pond turned into a pretty and unusual feature of the event

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Looking across the water to the top table

The marquee furniture was set up around the pond. At the far end, the bar area is just visible

Open walls onto a pretty garden

Open sides onto a pretty garden gave a real outdoors feel to the wedding

Classically decorated tables

Tables were classically decorated with mixed pink and white floral centrepieces and party favours in jam jars at each place

Tables named after flowers

Each table was named after a flower. Here, the Iris table with a pretty painted identifier

Looking across the pond to the cake

From the top table, looking across the pond to the cake

Wedding cake with roses

Simple wedding cake with roses

Before the ball

Attractively presented starters – trio of individual delicate fish mousse, roule of smoked salmon and Tiger Prawns & fresh crab – by caterers Cuisine Studio

The occasion was a summer wedding just outside East Grinstead, East Sussex

The venue was a little tricky. Clear space in the customer's garden was limited so the marquee had to fit in between colonnaded pathways, attach to a garden folly and encompass a pond.

But all turned out for the best. The ornamental pond, coupled with light furniture and decoration, along with open sides and clear windows and gables onto a lovely summer garden created a fresh, airy, pretty space for the wedding.

The marquee was a 9m x 39m (30' x 130') frame structure for 130 seated guests. This is larger than would normally be needed for the numbers because of the pond. The marquee also included a bar area.

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