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Summer Marquee Party

Summer marquee

A light summer canopy provided the ideal setting for a lunch time party.

Looking into the house

Looking into the house. Guests could move inside and outside with ease.


Food could be served straight from the kitchen into the open-sided marquee.

The whole marquee

The whole marquee from the end of the garden.

The marquee spanned wide steps

The split level marquee spanned the two garden levels and wide steps.

Long and short poles

Longer legs at the back for the lower level, and shorter legs into the flower beds for the upper level, .

The occasion: a summer party in the garden.

The venue: a medium sized town garden on two levels wide steps edged by flower beds in between the levels.

The challenge: to provide summer-style marquee cover that spanned the two garden levels and the steps and enhanced the contemporary feel of the garden with its fab modern white paving.

County Marquees' solution: a simple split level marquee without walls that covered the different levels by different lengths of supporting outer poles. The poles were decorated with swathed cloth.

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